aborigini poster PACKAGING LABLE Travel Austalia rain stick2 wyndham key card Sydney map2

The poster I put on the outside and croped and repeated for the pull away top was great. It is traditional to do dot paintings and that fit the rain stick idea of dots and holes so that when the holes are punched it will not distract from the image but complement it. The label I made for the top and bottom of the tube to bypass needing a large sticker from the post office but I still could not get around needing the smaller labels but they did not distract as much. I also made sure to tape the ends together before putting the posters on. This was to not have tape torn off the poster ruining the images. I redid the instruction page to be a bit more clear and simpler with a turn symbol as in illustrator.

The key card took a bit to fix. I had to make a system for the card and information sheet. I chose wyndhams logos for colors. The logo is close to 1/3, 2/3 proportion so I went with that for both. It gave unity but did allow for veriety. The map page I chose more outback theme images this time and was more careful about placement. It turned out much better.

The packaging itself was shrink rapped and turned out much better than zip lock bags. It allowed the beams to be more compact and so come out easily rather than get stuck. The same for the papers. Easier removal from the tube and just looked much more professional. Luckily was minimal waste with the shrink rap.

The changes to the project were mostly small but everything was reconsidered this time. It was mostly refining from what I knew did not work the first time and how I could make it work the second time. I learned that if I had really been on top I would have test mailed the object to myself to know about the mailing stickers ect then do a production version. I also did not do a stick holding it shut being they are breakable and not practice.


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