finished magazine

Equiped  equiped phone

Once I got the system down it was quick work. Like any thing in graphic design it is getting the concept hammered out that takes the longest and is most important. I decided on black covers and insides because I noticed most images of DJs are dark because they are playing in clubs. It fit my theme and for daft punk their sample article was black with white text. I decided pages of white text on black is hard to read no matter what you do so I gave the feel of it being dark with out it all being dark. After many tries with the name of the magazine I went with equiped. Early on i noticed how E and D conected can form a shape of a cord. I experimented with many words starting with pluged but plugs arent used as much now with wireless but equipment will always exist so I chose that. I had the cord go under the mast head to give it contrast and something to sit on. I later added a small plug connecter to the middle for the issue date. It fit the theme.

Contents page I had the cord theme move around and plug into different articles giving the most attention the the main feature and a main department with size. I mirrored the contents page to give it the feel of flowing but not chaos. I used the plug idea on other pages for the number folio running from page to page. For departments I used a red backdrop being the magazine color and for the features I used white to have more contrast.

I gave space for the images. I found less text worked better. Allow for white space and dont bog the reader down on the first page. The first page should have a fair amount of open space to encourage them to read it. I also used the center spread to feature a large image since it is the center fold page. I chose adds that would complement the magazine and the readers being music creating. On the back covers I mirrored the covers for the mast head, date and feature story so any way you look you know what magazine, when and whats the main thing of that issue.

I tried for a simple layout with 3 text columns that did not do anything to crazy. Ive faltered before by going to crazy but should have done more. This was my first time doing a 12 column and 20ish row grid. It can be hard to look at and get confusing but it did help decide where to place things on the modules.

The phone version was translating it to a new version. It would not be incredibly hard but at the same time how do you present it. On a phone you zoom in so the screen proportion will not be the magazine proportion.

Most of all i learned you through failure to succeed you need to do all you can in every season. Meaning if you have 20 minutes to sketch then do it. If you have time when not having to think, think about your project and what you plan to do when you get to you tools again.


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