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Sydney map Travel Australia wyndham key card2 Travel Austalia rain stick

The map/info page I made was well disgusting and i should have spent more time on the original ones. It looked so unsought out because it there was no system in place. The key card was a nice idea but needed work. I looked back and credit cards and what was in my wallet. Pretty much all are unified front to back and are the same colors on front/back. I decided to do that. I also punched out the QR code so it would not distract as much. QR codes are tricky animals. They are helpful but take alot of space and shout look at me so punching them out helps with that. The instruction sheet I was always satisfied with but tried to make more clear by putting the bag of been on top instead of bottom. Idea of pouring it in. Also the repetition of the flip mechanic was hard to convey. I wanted my instructions to be wordless and simple so  child could assemble this and figure it out. I learned from that part that if you dont need words to say what you need dont say it. If you can have an image say it for you do it instead. If you cant show exactly what you mean with image alone then as needed use text. Luckily it wasnt assembling  a some assembly required cabinet which words are needed. The biggest thing hurting the original version of this mailer was the plain completely disregarded outside in contrast to the function being so fun and the map page being so thrown together.