bnmButtons and interaction design
Buttons are physical or visual. We understand them as something you press to operate a mechanical or electronic device. For the digital age buttons are the most important interactive aspect. Buttons like other digital icons are a throw back to the before time when they were physical only. What a button looks like is vital. They dont have to be circles. They can look like a trash can to imply this is the trash area. This helps people know what the button my do before clicking it. Words with the button my be necessary to communicate a specific action but it is best if it can be avoided.

Here are some tips on buttons.
They should look like buttons
Place them where they can be found
Use hierarchy to make the most important button known as that
Use order to arrange buttons
Label buttons when needed and dont be confusing
If the user is not meant to do an action at a certain point dont show the button icon
Make it hard to accidentally do destruction actions. Put settings out of the way and warn them before completing the action.

“Nothing particularly revolutionary there, right? Ever since the tag arrived in HTML4, buttons haven’t been especially difficult to create. Despite this, it’s rather easy to find buttons that don’t comply with these basic best practices.” – Caroline Jarrett http://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2012/05/7-basic-best-practices-for-buttons.php#sthash.TAFcPXSc.dpuf

Buttons have been around int he internet for a long time. We should use them well and accessible for those with impairments. Buttons should have alt tags for screen readers.


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