week7.Goal, Intention, Action Sequence

What are goals in interaction design?
Goals are the intended end use for an object by a user. The standard goal when turning a lawn mower on is to mow a lawn though it could be used for other things. A persons goal could be to turn it on to take advantage of its possible ability to shred leaves or more forward without needing to push. For those who design an object they need to understand the end goal of the user with that object in the appropriate scenarios. The goals of users will be found though testing the object with a scenario to see if they can accomplish the given goal and making adjustments from the results.

What are intentions in interaction design?
Intentions are how a users plans to achieve their goal. If my goal is to mow the lawn my intentions may be to fuel it, turn it on and move it forward.

“Intention is shaped by the assumptions we make. Being aware of these – and working to validate (or invalidate) them – helps ensure that our intentions as a designer do not conflict with those of our users.” Thomas Wendt, http://www.uxbooth.com/articles/intention-vs-interpretation-what-matters/

What are action sequences in interaction design?
Action sequence is the steps that must be gone thought to obtain our goal. If using the lawn mower there is a set of actions to turn it on that must be followed correctly.


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